Majestic Mountains


Annette pieced this quilt for me from my fabrics. I can’t say scraps this time…..because I sent her this line of fabric. I know she is always needing background fabrics…and this line had been sitting in my stash for years. I loved the lines….and I have to say I am usually the girl known as using those bright insane fabrics…but honestly I collect and use pastels –ALOT.



I love the romantic soft, pretty pastels and I am an absolute sucker for them. This line is a line I loved when it came out…I waited a bit to long to get it at the time..then had to scrounge to find more pieces on line. Then it sat in my stash forever. I thought…well if I am not going to use it I will send it to Annette and she can use it how she sees fit with the scraps.



Then she made this. I squealed inside. Because it’s so scraps involved…’s just pure sweetness. It makes me gooey inside to see my fabrics used like this. For some reason I couldn’t come up with anything and she showcased them perfectly. You know how sometimes you just need to step away from something? Or how even though you love cooking…you just love even more-> when someone cooks a meal for you? That’s how I feel about this quilt.     it’s just beautiful.


So I wanted to take advantage of those white spaces….I quilted a feather in every other row of white..then something circular in the opposite white stripes. In the colored striped I quilted back & forth lines.

099 098 097 096


The pictures that show the quilting best don’t show the true colors of the quilt. The colors are very soft & pastel.

So A few months back I went to Wenatchee and found backing fabrics for 2 & 3 $ a yard..I used more of that. 🙂


Thank you Annette! I always love your work…and how you read my heart.:)

Many blessings


9 thoughts on “Majestic Mountains

  1. What a gorgeous quilt! The piecing is great, and the quilting is beyond description! I don’t know how you “see what you see” before you quilt it — what a gift! Majestic Mountains is on my bucket list, and if I ever get it done, I want you to quilt it.

  2. You know how much I love your work but the two of you together create a symphony! This quilt is soooo pretty, the fabrics are delicate and your quilting, well I have no words for! Charisma your eye to detail and where you place your designs are so well thought out. This quilt is beyond stunning!

  3. Charisma, Your quilting takes my breath away. The first photos gave me the sense that the colors were way too bland — but your quilting turned it into the most amazing creation. Exquisitely beautiful.

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