Lovely Birds


My friend,  Beth ( and my binder) gave this quilt to me ….I hate to admit it like 18 months ago maybe 2 years? I don’t know. she bought the fabric because she loved it and then she got it home and didn’t know what to do with it. So she sewed a few blocks together and then handed it to me ..and told me to do whatever I wanted.


Here’s the funny part. I had seen this fabric and i liked it too. But I didn’t have any ideas for it…so I didn’t buy it. So then I get the challenge to make something for Beth. Beth really likes patterns that she can follow….she doesn’t like creative freedom. So it took me a bit to come up with an idea.


I decided I would make the “love” letters and …then I thought I would add the patched hearts. then I just included all of the blocks she had made…and this is the end result.


So I quilted fun whimsy designs to bring it all together.

010It turned out cute…in my humble opinion. So I am glad she trusted me with the challenge and now she can start a new project.


I hope you all have lovely day! Call a  special friend and tell them how much you appreciate them.  Or send a card.



3 thoughts on “Lovely Birds

  1. Great idea. So often I think about a friend with good intentions to call, to write to send a trivial little something and then I get involved with day to day stuff and let the moment pass by.

    Love what you created with the blocks and the quilting. Fun and beautiful.

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