Well I have many pictures to share..but due to my facebook and instagram shares I feel I need to share this one for all of the people that have been following along. So all of you waiting to see pictures I emailed them ….and I promise to get them posted soon.


So When I made the Hope Quilt, here.

I had purposely chosen to make Hope because it meant something to me…but after I quilted Hope I realized I had a vision for “Love” I wrote about it. I wanted to quilt a wooden cross, a crown of thorns, & rays to represent love. So I immediately pieced the Love quilt. I have been waiting a year to quilt it. Only because I knew it would take forever…and also sometimes things don’t work out after you have dreamt of it for so long….like in this case.


Do you know how when sometimes you have this great vision in your mind and you obsess about it and then you make it and it doesn’t turn out as great as you had envisioned it? Yes, That is what has happened to me. I am not in love with this quilt. I think it just has to much. The cross is difficult to see..the crown of thorns blends in as well. I also used red thread to represent the nails on the sides…I actually like that part…it actually stands out. I wonder if I would like the crown of thorns better if I went over it with a darker thread?

048 049

But here is what happened..while quilting this I came up with a quilting idea I really like for another one of these quilts. I asked my Fb friends for a 4 letter word…I got several and now I have 2 sketches for 2 more words. I am really excited for the next two. So I guess this quilt did serve a purpose even if I am not a big fan of my quilting on this quilt.

050 051

I really wanted the cross to take center stage…so I put it above the frame around Love. But it still blends in a lot. There is so much going on…..:( IN this case I think maybe “Less is more” would have been a better philosophy.

052 053

I still love that Love represents Jesus. All that he did for me. I am thankful for his sacrifice everyday. John 3:16. I wish my vision turned out better quit honestly. I think I have a different idea to accomplish this one….I just hate to think about re-doing this while my shoulders and back are still sore from hunching over this quilt for so many hours. That is difficult for me…but I know that after I forget the pain….I will most likely try again because my vision is so important to me..and I am not 1 for giving up…so don’t e surprised if this one come along again at some point. Or maybe I will learn to like this one? I don’t know. I just remember after making Hope that I was in love….and this one I feel like I let myself down. It happens sometimes….I know that. But when I am making tribute to someone so special to me…well I was hoping it would be awesome!

054 055

So I used two layers of batting, Of course. With all of that heavy quilting..I needed it to be stable…and I used scraps for the back.:)


Thanks so much for your support & love!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!



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