Lori’s Scraps

It kills me what this woman can do with scraps. Not to mention she cuts them into one inch scraps…and always makes the best quilts.IMG_8227


I have one more for her that is pinned on…but I finished these 2 this week. Lori’s friends drop off tiny scraps that they don’t want anymore and she turns them into these fabulous quilts…I wonder if they ever want their scraps back after she has worked with them?  IMG_8229

On this one I quilted all over swirly feather design until i got to the borders..then I quilted continuous curves…leaves, and two feathers going in opposite directions to add some interest. There is so much variety in this quilt…I think that is what truly makes a beautiful scrappy is all the variety of fabrics. IMG_8231

A few of the bordersIMG_8228IMG_8230

I happen to know Lori loves feathers…this type of quilt loves feathers too!  The back is AWESOME! IMG_8232

Lori usually chooses simple backs to show off the quilting..I think she loves them as much as I do. All that lovely texture.

We used two layers of batting on both quilts.

This next quilt was an exercise for Lori. She was gifted some William Morris charm packs. So she built this from those …I think she did an AWESOME job…..she was not so sure. So I took advantage of those blank quilt spaces…and quilted a flower om the center…and some charisma curls as a filler, continuous curves and leaves…William Morris has leaves in just about every design…so you can’t go wrong with those.  IMG_8233

It looks a bit crinkly because I had to wet it it get my marks off. IMG_8235 IMG_8236

The borders….IMG_8234

The backIMG_8237


Thanks Lori…hopefully I will be shipping them back in the next few days..I am still working on the other one. Always a pleasure!




8 thoughts on “Lori’s Scraps

  1. OMG, WOW, WOW, I’m just a beginner to quilting and really want to aspire to be this talented in creating any quilted projects these two are absolutely gorgeous I have been saving every bit of fabric that I am cutting off and want to create a quilt like #1 I hate the idea of wasting any fabric and the stuff I can’t use I cut up to use as stuffing for stuffed projects that I hope to be able to sell !!! thanks for being so inspirational

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