Long Time Gone Quilt

So there was a QAL online that started several months ago…not sure, exactly. I had seen several photos on Instagram of this quilt …but didn’t really pay much attention. I went through a phase of not sewing….I had so much catch up work to do..I was traveling and had family obligations ect.

Well I was going through my scraps and posted a pic on Fb and asked what kind of scrappy quilt I should make and a friend of mine suggested this one. It’s called “Long Time Gone” by Jen Kingwell. I honestly LOVE Jen Kingwell’s patterns and style. I actually met her a quilt market years ago when she first started and she didn’t have many patterns. I tried to get my LQS to carry her patterns and she wasn’t interested. Now what do you know? She has several of them….that’s how it always was when I worked there….I was always ahead of the game. 🙂 I am just thankful they eventually come around. haha!

So I ordered the book on Amazon straight away it arrived a day or two later and I dug in….I think I had the quilt done start to finish in 2 weeks. Serious. I really enjoyed the process of making this quilt. I used scraps only and just did one page a day of the book. The size of the quilt is pretty deceiving …because it has so many blocks you might think it’s big…but it isn’t. It’s not even a twin size quilt. So they are pretty small pieces and just plain fun. IN fact I am starting a second one. My friend Beth ( my binder) said she would love one and I will do anything for her. LOL So I am making number 2.

There is a facebook group for Jen kingwell designs and people post pictures of their progress for all of her patterns. I am going to make a Gypsy wife and A city quilt as well. I just wanted to do this one while it’s fresh.  But it seems like most people got hung up on the pineapple blocks. I don’t mind that ..I like paper piecing. the only block I really didn’t care for was the Plus blocks and that’s simply because it was difficult for me to keep it all in order. The triangle-diamond blocks were very easy because I have the tri-recs rulers and they worked perfectly. So I didn’t use templates or anything…..so it was quick and easy.  So I highly recommend this for a good scrappy quilt….I felt a sense of accomplishment and honestly—> it didn’t make much of a dent in the scrap bin. LOL

I quilted it on the computer with a fun feathery type of design. I just wanted an all over design. Maybe I will make a third one someday and custom quilt it…but I really just wanted to see a finish.

I used scraps for the back:

So here’s to a good scrappy quilt!




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