Log Cabins & Embroidery

Carla doesn’t live far from me…but found my site 🙂IMG_7436

She shipped this beauty to me. It’s also ENORMOUS!  LOL!

The wind was blowing so it was difficult to get photos. IMG_7435 IMG_7434

She made this for her Son & his wife ( I believe)….it took her a bit of time. All of that is hand embroidered…beautiful! she also put some personal details in the designs. Initials -dates ect. I always like that nice touch. IMG_7433 IMG_7432

I quilted stipple, leaves, feathers, feather wreaths, swirls & continuous curves. It all came together beautifully! IMG_7431

The back is pieced with all of the leftovers….love. IMG_7430

Thanks Carla! It’s been a pleasure working with you! I hope this is treasured & loved!



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