Little Stitches



Well I joined Needle & thread society in 2013 ( I think) and I stuck with it for 18 months or so? I can’t remember how long it lasted. Each month we learned new stitches and we got some little  embroidery patterns. The first phase of the classes we just had little practice pieces that we didn’t do anything with…it was all about introducing us to new needles, threads, and stitching.



Then we all decided we wanted to have something to show for our class. So the next series we worked on a sampler….which I do have finished..and I absolutely love. But I have not yet framed. I am trying to decide on how I want to finish it. I really think I am going to have it framed professionally. I may take it in next week if I remember. It took lots of time & detail….lots of learning..but I thoroughly enjoyed the process.

IMG_0924 IMG_0923


So then we decided to take a break from those projects and we are now working on Bird dance by Sue Spargo. Seriously..I am trying to catch up on my birds…but each one of those takes longer than one would think. I thought I could whip them out  without a problem….each one takes me about 4 days. So much goes into the process. How Sue gets all done that she gets done?? I Have no clue because I am pretty productive.



So I decided I wasn’t going to let all of those fabulous designs I have been storing from a years worth of Needle & thread society to go to waste….I chose 54 of my favorite images..traced them onto scraps of background fabrics..basted them onto batting…and spent all of December working on them as a Tv watching project. I had a few netflix marathons. 🙂  I have had the little stitcheries finished for a few weeks. I just had to decide how  I was going to set them. I decided on a 9 patch making the embroideries into snow ball blocks. I used 2 jelly rolls that I have been HOARDING for years.


IMG_0966 IMG_0965 IMG_0964

Do you remember 2 moda lines called “Simplicty” and “Aviary”…yes it pained me to use them….but I am glad I did. They look so beautiful.  I have a problem with using my “Lines” of fabrics…so that is my challenge this year. I must use them… painful as it is. LOL. why buy it if I am not going to use it? I have no idea..I have to let go of such tendencies. It’s unhealthy.



I LOVE all colors…and usually if I am attracted to a quilt it will be a big, bold, heavy textured pattern ect. However….my second favorite would be a sweet, romantic, pastel…..the fabrics I tend to hoard are in those two genres. anything in between I don’t feel pained to use…but my pastels & brights…I find hard to let go of…but I love the finished products.



I quilted roses in each 9 patch, a feather to frame it all in..and stippled around the embroideries. Pretty happy with the finish….

Can’t wait to show the ladies. 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



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