Little Embroideries for Fun

3832For the last few years I have been working on embroidery…..from fancy to simple. I just like to have hand projects to work on during those Netflix marathons and also to travel. It keeps me occupied so that traveling isn’t so difficult for me. I am a terrible traveler if I have to drive a long distance because my mind needs to stay occupied or I think of all of the things I could be doing. So if I am stitching it relaxes me and makes the trip much more bearable for me.


Anyway ….I will trace designs and just have them ready to go ….sometimes I don’t have a specific plan for them. They might just be things i come across and think “Oh that’s cute” and I stick them in the pile. These designs were a part of that. They used to be free on This site.


Now you can buy a membership or in January you can buy her E-book to get a collection of her designs. I did buy membership and her E-book when it was available briefly. She is working out the kinks and then she will offer it again. I love her site and she offers a free BOM every year. I am waiting for the last installment of the current one and then I will be finished.


I made these embroidery pieces and then just pulled scraps from my jelly roll bin and made a little table topper. I just stoppled it with a leaf border. It was just going to be a fast project that I could accomplish and use. Then Jacqueline showed it on her site….bc I had posted it in her FB group. LOL Had I known it would have shown to everyone I would have maybe used better fabric sand quilted it a bit better…oh well. That’s the way teh cookie crumbles.

I don’t have any plans for this…but it’s sweet and I am glad I can find uses for those nice little embroidery projects.


I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Just a shout out to my Brother , Nathan. It’s his Birthday today….he is 38. We are only 14 months apart and he hates that he is getting older.. LOL. He’s almost 40……eeeek!

Happy Birthday, Nate! I love you!



One thought on “Little Embroideries for Fun

  1. Hello Dear, That is a cute piece. I know how you feel I need to be doing something on a road trip too. Can’t stand stupid drivers, I get so nervous if I’m not driving
    Hugs and kisses

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