Linda’s UFO’s

Yes..I know many of us have them. Linda knocked out a few of hers…that always feels good. 🙂IMG_6796

One of these, the B&W one was a 5$ BOm program at our LQS YEARS agoIMG_6795

I was a part of that for several months and dropped out… I just created several of my own B&W blocks to finish my quilt. hehe. I think it was like 2005? So I am glad that teh only UFO’s I have are from last year. LOL I got one on Linda!IMG_6794

I just quilted lots of different textures and designs in each block. IMG_6793


The second one is a fun kid quilt. In brights. Linda requested a colored variegated thread… amp it up some…:)IMG_6788IMG_6789 IMG_6790

Again…circles. loops, lines….just to add texture and match the fun designs already in the quiltIMG_6791 IMG_6792.

I hope you are all having a great Sunday! Many Blessings


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