Linda’s Trains

WOW! This is such a “Cool” train quilt. I love the way this is pieced. When Linda first sent me a picture..I asked if it was a panel…That could have been offensive..( in hindsight) because it is actually pieced! It is actually a kit she bought from Keepsake quilting..and the kit is listed here.

She wanted me to make it come to life without quilting it to heavily. she is actually going to use this as a lap quilt. So she wanted it to stay cozy and soft.

So Steam/smoke coming from the top, stars in the skies, wind in the air…Isn’t it great? I just love working on something like this becaue I can see it come to life right away. It makes me keep working on it becuase i just need to see the end result.

Thanks so much Linda!


Just for reference..I used a charcoal grey thread…to blend in with everything . I also used Hobbs polydown batting.




One thought on “Linda’s Trains

  1. Wow, I love how this is pieced too, and wonder how I could have missed seeing it in Keepsake ?????? It is wonderful and the back is great too. Linda

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