Linda’s Round Robin

Linda was part of my local Round Robin (RR) group. IMG_8560

My LQS is hosting a RR and you can jump in or out anytime. We meet monthly to show the quilts. However the person who owns the quilt doesn’t get to see the progress being made each month. They just get the size…then when they decide it’s big enough they can see it and put another center into the RR. Linda stayed in for 3 months..then Jenn added a few more rounds for her.IMG_8561

It turned out beautiful!

This is a moda line by April Cornell. I used to buy every April Cornell line that came out…..and I used this line is 3 different quilts (at least) so it’s an older line…but timeless. IMG_8562 IMG_8563

I quilted feathers, leaves, flowers, fans and lines. The back is just as lovely as the front.IMG_8564 IMG_8565

Thanks Linda & Jenn! Always a pleasure to work with you ladies!

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