Linda’s Comfy Flannels

These are 2 more that Linda sent and I have to admit that I have a soft place in my heart for flannel quilts..especially plaid ones. I am not sure why? There must be someone that had one and it offered me comfort at one time in my life…..I just get that feeling.

089 090This first one I used my channel locks and quilted a “Plaid” design I did make some of the lines squiggly to break it up and give it some flair. 🙂

091 092 093You can see the designs better on the back. 🙂 Which is also flannel.

Here is the second quilt:

088I quilted interlocked boxes and rectangles….you know that design on an etch a sketch that everyone can do? Yes..that’s the one.

087 086 085Great job! Linda! I Your work is always great and I love the variety of projects!

Many blessings for the show!


3 thoughts on “Linda’s Comfy Flannels

  1. I love flannel also, reminds me of my dad. I especially love the first quilt, would love to know the pattern for this one. Thanks

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