Lilac Wreaths

This lilac fabric is so popular…..honestly I have quilted several quilts that have used this fabric….It is a lovely fabric and conjures up lovely memories for me. Spokane, WA is my hometown and it is nicknamed “The Lilac City” Lilac bushes grow very well there.

So when I think of lilacs it conjures up memories of Grandma Nay. She had her patio surrounded by Lilac bushes …if you were out on a spring..early summer day when they were in full bloom the scent was heavenly. When I see them, I think of her and her loving spirit. She also gave me my first sewing machine in my early 20’s.

When Monna saw another quilt with this fabric and in this pattern that I had quilted (for someone else) she contacted me right away to see if I would quilt one for her in just the same way…then she went on a hunt for this fabric. The quilt is beautiful….I quilted wreaths to fill in the white areas..and Charisma Curls..I topped it off with a feather.

Thanks Monna!…I hope your daughter loves this special gift!

2 thoughts on “Lilac Wreaths

  1. Such a gorgeous quilt.
    Charisma your lovely quilting has made this fabulously
    pieced quilt a masterpiece.
    I love to look at your work, you always amaze!

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