Lilac Sampler

Karen sent this sampler to me from AK.IMG_8580

It’s so Big & Beautiful! I love the stars in the sashings…the sampler of blocks and the lilac fabric. I have said this before but this lilac fabric has to be the most popular fabric….I have quilted so many quilts that have this fabric in them….it must be a top seller…it’s a beautiful cut.IMG_8585

I love how the blocks are set on point with the darker purple side setting triangles. I wanted to create a design in those that would look good from the block and also with the center star in the sashingsIMG_8589IMG_8584

I quilted each block differently to accentuate the samplerIMG_8581 IMG_8582IMG_8583

The back is just as beautiful! LOVE!IMG_8586 IMG_8587 IMG_8588

Thanks Karen! Always a pleasure working with you!


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