Lifeguarding and Real Jobs

Well summer is coming. This summer is going to be far different than any of the other summers I have experienced because 3 of my kids have “real” summer jobs and the oldest is gone of course. Gone are the days of pool passes and me having to come up with activities to keep them all busy. Now I will be buying stuff to pack their lunches and sending them off into the real world.

Carl will be driving combines for a local food processing plant. They have already started harvesting so they want him to start as soon as school is out. I know they will treat him like a real world employee and if he doesn’t show up he doesn’t have a job. If he is late he will not be given grace ect. There are plenty of people who would love to have the job. He will most likely be working 15 hour days 4 days a week. 60 hour weeks for a first time job..but he will have 3 days off …so he is young enough that should be helpful as far as recovery.

Bryce & Cole got hired on at the city pool as lifeguards.

Parents were called into a parent meeting to discuss this. I thought that was weird because I wasn’t involved in the interview process or any other aspect of this process. But I went to support them. I was kind of surprised & shocked. The big Boss was there to brief us all on the process and pay scale ect. He first opens up with telling the parents that we are not allowed to communicate for our children.   Seriously? I think that goes without saying in the work force. There is only one reason that we have to have this meeting. That is because kids are enabled. They aren’t allowed to grow up and be adults. 90 years ago children were in all areas of the work force…..our city pool is only open in the summer …so they hire school aged kids to work. It’s the best summer job around. It’s centrally located and they work around the schedules. What more could a kid ask for? Or a parent? The kids have to pay for all of their CPR and lifeguard training classes ect.  I also think this is good because it’s a 200$ investment. If they are going to invest in that then they will have an interest in passing and also working to pay for it and use it. I will not be paying for this as a parent. I think that would defeat the purpose. They need to learn responsibility. When these parents interfere…who do they think they are helping? It certainly isn’t their child.

I am also impressed because this lifeguarding thing is actually needed at every college. They can get further & further testing and certifications. They can make real money if they stick with it. They can also use it for work study in college. So the possibilities of this summer job could also help them in the future. It just depends on how far they want to take it. Or it could just be a good summer job that will teach them skills and responsibility. Not only that but the nature of the job is important. Lives are literally on the line and one mistake or short staffed day could end in tragic results. I will be praying for them everyday. Hoping that nothing comes up…and that all of them are successful at handling anything that does.

I am really happy that both of the places that my children are working at..are going to treat them like adults. What good would this job be if they didn’t?

I am amazed at what the world is coming to. I thought I was a an over protective parent. I am to a certain extent….but I also think that real life things need to be taught. How are our kids supposed to succeed at life? It will be interesting to see how it all works out. I am really not worried about Bryce & Cole. I think they will do fine and be successful.

I am a little worried about Carl. He is smart and capable. He just isn’t a communicator and it’s difficult for him. as long as he is trained well he will be fine. Sitting in a combine alone all day won’t bother him. He likes solitude best. It’s just that if anything goes wrong or unplanned he struggles and panics. So we have been just talking to him and telling him to ask questions when he has doubts. not to panic of freak out when something unplanned happens.

Preston is working at OMNY this year as well. It’s only 5 weeks…but it’s such a good thing for all of my kids to participate in. It’s good training and references. So he may get a job that he wants next year. Maybe at the pool. 🙂

So I have no idea how this summer will look…..but I am thinking it will look a lot like the school year because they are all going to be gone during the day except Roo. I may need to figure something out for her after Omny.

Life is going and I am trying to keep up. But I am a proud Mamma!




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