Life in General

Things I want to remember because I know someday I will miss it:

~Barking at Clarissa for stealing all of my face wipes….(twice this week)

~Nagging at Clarissa (twice this week) for not picking up all her dirty clothes laying in the bathroom…UGH!

~The kids sneaking up to see what my quilting group is doing and stealing some fresh baked cookies. ( Rob too….the suspense…sheesh!)

~feeding the dogs Barkin Bacon cause they go crazy…this is like a favorite family past time lately. {we entertain easily}

~Family Dinners. I can always tell if we don’t actually sit down together. It’s the one time of day that we are all together for whatever reason. ( who knew teh most important piece of furniture anyone will ever own is a dining table?..nobody teaches you this in home ec)

~ The way an extra quilt can take away the chill immediatly

~Some of the interactions of our family..I say some because I hope my mind will eventually block out the sibling fights. LOL

I guess I will miss the business of what this family life has to offer. All of these things make us grow deeper roots. We have to learn to compromise in this huge family. We have to learn to budget. So many things..sacrfice, share, LOVE, all the experiences we have are richer because of eachother. I don’t live in some fantasy land that all of my children will grow up to be best friends…but a few will. I Hope that at least they will all truly love eachother and get along enough to visit.

After all they never stop being a family.

A real family.

Today I think of all this because we have been surrounded by many fires in our state….just in Wenatchee alone ( the city an hour away where we do all of our shopping) has been suffereing with over 50 fires. It’s devastating and our town in only filled with smoke . A reminder that FAMILY’s are losing their homes and they have to stick together…all those roots have to hold strong. So prayers for all those families..the fire fighters and animals. It’s just devastating to think……just a few weeks ago Ellensburg lost a big portion to fires..not even an hour away another HUGE fire.

So I will be thankful. For everything. God is great!




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