Lemoyne Star and Fallen Leaves

Shirley is a new quilter and I don’t think anyone could notice. Seriously……a beginner quilter usually doesn’t choose a first quilt to be a lemoyne Star. And I didn’t see any mistakes and it was a square top. I think she has found her niche.




She made this for a man that help out around her house and she wants to bless him with a gift. Isn’t that sweet? And in typical quilter fashion we gift all of our quilts to everyone we know before we keep one. 🙂

IMG_9758 IMG_9759 IMG_9760 IMG_9761

I quilted a fern in the border sides that didn’t have diamonds….in the borders with diamonds I filled in with swirls and continuous curves.

You can see I quilted wavy lines, continuous curves and stipple in the background.

IMG_9761 IMG_9762 IMG_9763


The back:




Shirley also sent this crazy quilt (I can’t remember the name of these blocks). I love the rich colors and fabrics. They all have a fall nature type theme and they are just gorgeous!




I love to see all of these different quilts in person because it inspires me.


I love color!



Great quilts! Thanks Shirley for trusting us with your quilts. It’s been a pleasure working with you!


IMG_9756 IMG_9757



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