Le Jardin For Beth

Another Frenchy Garden for Beth.

Beth loved my quilt here. 

She wanted one as well…so we immediately went to the shop and bought some French General fabrics….:)IMG_6574 IMG_6577

Robert is a great man and friend of mine. He and I have been working together a few years now. He also has Beth bind for him…so they traded services. She will do all of his binding and he put together this quilt top for her…sewing around all of the raw edge applique. Of course I trade Beth services as well. So I quilted it for her.  This is a perfect group project that came together so beautifully. Connections. I love connections. IMG_6568

I personalized it for her as well. In each dress there is an initial of her and her sisters…cause there are just the three of them. Then in the Bottom hearts as well…Beth and her Husband have a daughter…so they have a family of 3. How great is that that it works perfectly? IMG_6569 IMG_6570 IMG_6571

I just had fun and quilted different designs like I usually do…breaks up texture ect. Also in the small inner border I quilted words ~ items from the garden but I did them in french. Just to add a special touch.  Beth is picking it up today. I am so excited to have it completed for her. IMG_6575 IMG_6576 IMG_6577 IMG_6578


I just love French general fabrics…..I also love Bunny Hill projects. They are just so beautiful. A great mix. IMG_6573

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