Laurie’s Round Robin Quilt

Laurie sent this RR quilt. It was made by the WOMBAT rr group. It’s a group that I believe started on the QB and now they have their own little quilting group. They are a great group of gals. I have had the privilege to meet several of them. They are funny, Talented and super nice. So if you are in WA or OR…you might want to join up with them…just saying. IMG_8380

This is a beautiful quilt. I love Round Robin quilts. There is something so special about having a collaborative group add something  to each piece with their own vision and then the next person works from what the rest of the group has made…..I love how they come to life & grow each month and seeing the progress. Then in the end you get to have a piece of that artwork. IMG_8387

I quilted each round in it’s own way to compliment the canvas that had already been painted for me.  I just wanted to add dimension & life to what was already there. IMG_8381 IMG_8382 IMG_8383

Charisma Curls, lines, continuous curves, l’s & e’s,  & swirls. IMG_8384 IMG_8385 IMG_8386

You can see alot of the stitching on the back. So beautiful! IMG_8388

Now Laurie has a quilt to treasure from her time in the Round Robin. Thanks Laurie! Always a pleasure!

One thought on “Laurie’s Round Robin Quilt

  1. Love it! Really like how you addressed each row. This was the first RR I have participated in, and am very pleased with the results

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