Laural Birch Christmas, Urban Aztec & Blended Beauty

MaryAnn has been a long time customer of mine..I started quilting for her and her sister years ago. They both always make beautiful projects and I have 3 to show for MaryAnn in this  post. All of her quilts have a different feel to them….Some people may be attracted to the same kinds of things but I have noticed with MaryAnn that she likes a variety of styles ( I do too!) because every time I get a box it’s different and I love it!

So let’s start with Christmas because it’s that time of year:


I just quilted each border in a way to bring out the best in each one. Loops, continuous curves, bubbles, curls ect. I used a gold thread because there was metallic gold weaved into the prints.

IMG_0661 IMG_0662 IMG_0663

This next one was a Modern Aztec pattern. The fabrics all had a theme of circles…so MaryAnn requested that they quilting reflect that as well.

IMG_0658 IMG_0657 IMG_0656

Here is the back:


This next one is a beauty! They are squares and 9 patches & 4 pacthes that are all blended to create this look. It is really a stunner!


I love the color palette as well.


IMG_0654 IMG_0653I quilted all over feathers to keep it soft and beautiful. Here is the back:


Thanks MaryAnn! Always a pleasure working with you! Have a happy Holiday!


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