Lara’s Luscious Lime Green

Lara sent this quilt to us for all over stipple. My boys offer this service for a penny a square inch. This is a fabulous good deal for those quilts that are just screaming for comfort, cozy and simple design. I love stipple.


We used a green variegated thread…which complimented teh quilt perfectly. We used Hobbs polydown batting. Thanks Lara!

7 thoughts on “Lara’s Luscious Lime Green

  1. Great job guys it looks like you are well on your way to becoming professional quilters just like mom..I have on that i need to seed to you guys to quilt…I will talk to your mom about when to send it to you, Charisma I love your new scrap quilt…cant wait to see others…stilll waiting on kit for me to applique for you…and I am going to get moms stuff together this week.
    also wanted to know how you decided we were going to do proverbs together or did you decide not to do that as a group? LOve ya T

    1. Hi Girlyfriend,
      We started Proverb this week. Yes..we are doing it through email. If you just read chapters one and two you will be caught up…I am sending out my response to chapter 2 today..chapter 3 tomorrow.
      Chapter one is just an explanation of what proverbs is….so no worries..join us.

  2. Yes, I do love this, and what a great idea to trade scrap piecing for quilting, or trade anything for whatever you love to do. Wish I could do that with color selection, one of my very most favorite parts of the quilting process. In a way though since I work part time for my LQS and help many customers choose fabric for quilt I do trade my gift for my salary :o) It will be fun to see how you quilt this one :o)

    1. HI Linda,
      I love that part of the quilting process too! I loved helping shoppers at my LQS when I worked there too. LOL SO many ideas..not enough time.

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