KP’s Star Light

Hi everyone..It’s Christmas eve..I have all of my food prepared for the events of is as clean as its going to get..LOL…Company will be here at anytime….but I wanted to show this quilt ..Kathy has sent me at least 10 quilts this year..and I am not even her only quilter…pretty prolific? right?
She doesn’t make anything small……and she is an excellent piecer..I have never had a problem with any of her quilts. I am pretty sure she is going to be teh STAR of her family’s Christmas with all the gifts she made for everyone…and I am so honored to be a part of it..Honestly! I pray all the time that my work touches people..I want to do God’s work…in everything I do…even quilting.

Anyway Tomorrow is Jesus’ Birthday and I am so thankful for his arrival!

Here IS Kathy’s Quilt…..I hope you all liek teh pictures and much as I like quilting!

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