Kits for Sale

A friend of mine has some BEAUTIFUL! Kits for sale! So I thought I would pass along the information in case any of you were interested.

This first one is called “Amish with a Twist”

Amish with a Twist


She purchases this for 22$ a month for 15 months. She is selling the whole kit for $260.00 ( that includes Shipping)


This Second one is called “Graceful Winter”

Graceful winter

She is selling this for $130.00 ( that includes shipping)


This last one is called “Bali Fever 1” by Judy Niemeyer. It includes the pattern and 4 bali pops This is $160.00 also includes shipping.

Bali Fever 1

The name of her bali pops are :

Key lime, cherry, watermelon and plum pudding. If you want to look up the color way. Which is very close to this picture if not the same. 🙂

Just email me or FB me and I will get you connected to the owner of these kits. She uses paypal as well.

Thanks a bunch!



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