Kid quilts

I love these quilts. They are so adorable!

The most adorable thing about them is that Felicia had her children draw a picture of a quilt they would like and she designed them based on the drawings. So really the kids designed there own quilts. They are just going to be drag-around snuggle quilts ( the best kind). I told Felicia she should scan their original pictures in and make labels using printed treasures paper with their actual drawings. That would be such a great momento when they got older. So here they are:

IMG_6435 IMG_6433 IMG_6434

Olivia the Pig. who doesn’t Love Olivia? There is going to be ruffles put in the outside edges of this….because it needs to be accessorized. After all exercise is good. But Accessorizing is better. IMG_6437

I totally Agree! IMG_6436 IMG_6438The back is flannel. Soft and comfy! LOVE!

Then there is the Green and Orange quilt. I quilted whimsy swirly flowers , leaves, loops and swirls to bring some softness. All in orange thread. YUMMY!

IMG_6427 IMG_6428 IMG_6429 IMG_6430  It has a Halloween themed back…so I used purple thread. We have to use what we’ve got! I think this is so cool! IMG_6431 IMG_6432

This last one must be for a princess! Who sings musicals and loves fairytale. That’s me. LOL

This has a Wizard of OZ backing and corner stones. The “designer” was specific to say she wanted it to look like a bunch of picture frames. Her original design also had thos outer corner stones in the border. I love that. IMG_6421 IMG_6422 IMG_6423 IMG_6424 IMG_6425 IMG_6426

I quilted feathers, Swirly feather flowers, and continuous curves. I love that these will be loved and cuddled!

Thanks Felicia. Love ya!

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