Kathy’s Treasures

I received another batch of quilts from Kathy. I have shared many-many quilts from Kathy. Her and her mom are going through and getting quit tops quilted that her Grandmother had made years & years ago and never completed.

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So each month I get a few to work on so they can get them completed and gift them to various family members. Can I just say again how much I am in love with this process and just glad I get to be such a small bit of the process.   It’s such a beautiful thing. What treasure trove her grandmother left for the family. A legacy. Because during this process Kathy has learned to quilt and that is something her and her mom are working on together. Her grandmother couldn’t have planned that any better could she? Now many generations get to share in this gift because Kathy has grandkids now…..and they get to be blessed by the Great-Great Grandmother. 🙂

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They always want simple designs. It’s all about the quilts themselves and many times there is not cotton fabrics….they are poly blends….or whatever she had on hand. I love that about these quilts. I love the color choices and patterns that she chooses. So great!

006 007 008 009 010

Thanks Kathy! Always a pleasure!


One thought on “Kathy’s Treasures

  1. Beautiful! I, too, had a quilt top left to me by my grandmother, and I cherished it. I finished it many years later and gave it to my youngest son on his wedding day. These are quilts that will mean so much to the recipients.

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