Kathy’s Treasures 2

I have a few more to share….because I am behind on posting photos. I am trying to balance work, my new lifestyle plan, family & puppy time. It seems that some days are easier than others and computer time seems to be lacking lately. I will find my groove again…soon.

020 021 022 023 023

In almost every batch of quilts I get a TATW quilt…all of them are TATW quilts….I love them. I think they are beautiful of course. A classic design.

020 021 022 023 023 024 025 026 027 028 029 030 031 032In this batch there were names attached to each quilt. I am sure the names are the people that the quits are being gifted too and that gives me warm fuzzies. Just thinking that name while I was quilting each one. 🙂

Thanks Kathy…I know you are blessing everyone in your family! You are going to be the ROCKSTAR!! at Christmas!

BLessings to all of you!

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