Kamachi’s Memory Quilt

Beth ( my Binder) had a foreign exchange student from Japan last summer. IMG_4146

She was the same age as Beth’s daughter. Her name was Kamachi. It was rough at times because Kamachi didn’t speak very much english…(like she only knew a story about Grandpa and a mouse…that clearly she had been rehearsing several times in a classroom setting..LOL). SO it was rough trying to communicate, feed and entertain this poor girl.

But somehow they all made it through.IMG_4147

Beth’s Daughter, Stephanie is involved in many activities, horse riding/showing, sheep showing, 4-H and dance. So Kamachi had to join in a few of those activities during the summer…Beth isn’t sure she was fond of all of them…but she clearly got a taste of the farm life..:) well at least farm life at the County Fair.IMG_4148

Beth made this fabulous memory quilt to send to Kamachi of their experiences together. She used the ten minute block…I am sure you can find a free tutorial on You-tube. I have seen it before. IMG_4149

Great Memories!


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