Kali and Gracie

Look at this face! Isn’t she the cutest?


 Well we have had Kali for a year now. It doesn’t seem that long…mostly. It’s been awhile since we had a puppy before getting her and it’s been a ride. I have never had a dog chew up a couch before…she did. yes. I was worried about buying another couch for her to destroy in case she isn’t over the chewing yet. So we bought a second hand one to test it out. So far so good.

Yes we bought her every chew toy we could find…she seemed to like our couch and all of it’s pillow the best. I could have kenneled her. But I figured our couch could just be the casualty since she had already gotten a piece of it….and we would just work through that so she could manage in the house by herself…..without being kenneled. She is fine now….we also lost a ton of shoes because our kids didn’t seem to understand that they should not leave them unattended near her. 🙂 Chewing was difficult. She didn’t dig very much. She potty trained pretty quickly.

289But setting all of that aside….I didn’t want to get another dog after Brodie had died…because the pain of losing an animal just seems unbearable to me while going through it. I hate that sense of loss. They just love us and there are no strings attached kind of love. Then we got Merle with disastrous results. So we decided we won’t rescue again because that was painful. I have rescued before with good results….but now I feel like I don’t want that hassle.


plus lets just think about the fact that I am the one left alone with the animals all day every day. So everything falls on my shoulders. and the poop…blah!! Anyway.

But then I started jogging. Gracie is too old to jog and mastiffs are lazy…they don’t want to jog. A healthy walk..sure. Jogging, no. So I decided I wanted to get a jogging partner. I kind of wanted a dog to go with me to protect me. I wanted a Rottweiler or a Doberman. Doberman’s love to run but they hate the cold. So I was left to a rottweiler. Rob said no. He thought we should get another lab. So we have Kali. Kali is so sweet and happy. She makes me smile every day. I really do just love her to pieces. But she is no guard dog. Oh my word!    She is the biggest scaredy cat I have ever met in my life.

288But she is a good runner! for sure. She loves it! The minute she hears my foot hit the floor when I get out of bed in the morning-> she is downstairs whining…she wants to go. She doesn’t want to wait ….she is saying come on! It’s time!! On Monday I got back from taking her out and Carl came up stairs and said “Are you taking Kali out today…she needs to run” LOL….”ummm we just got back.” He said “Oh she’s acting wild like she hasn’t gone today”

Well there is nothing I can do about that. She is a runner for sure!  

LOL It cracks me up.

Yesterday, while we were out jogging I had to stop and tie my shoe. She came over to me and started whining…like come on! I was killing her time…holding her back from her run. 

She is a tiny lab. It’s like her legs just quit growing and she is small…like the smallest lab I have ever seen in my life. Which is ok I guess. just kind of weird.


Poor Gracie is not getting around all that well. She is having strokes. But her spirit is willing and she has lots of good days. So we are just babying her along.  She’s hard of hearing and her eye sight is going too. She is only 8. Which makes me sad. But typically they have about a 10 year life span…..:(

285It might look funny in this picture….but her hips and legs hurt her ( we do give her meds) but in order to get down the small slope in our yard ..she sits down like this and slowly slides herself down to preserve her hips. It looks funny…but it works for her.

So my brother Aaron breeds Dogue De Bordeaux dogs ( French mastiffs) and he is hoping to have a litter this year. We are hoping to get a male puppy from his next litter. Kali would like to have a playtime partner. I am hoping that since the french Mastiffs are a bit smaller I can work him into being a jogger….and then I can have another running mate with some protective instincts. But we shall see. I am always going to be an English Mastiff lover…seriously….I think it’s part of who Rob and I are…like our identity or something? But we are willing to try this next breed to see if we can meet all of our needs. 🙂 

As much as I always have said “we aren’t getting any more animals” to my family…..because I get tired of the responsibility ( picking up poop, chewed up shoes and couch) I look at Kali everyday and think about how happy I am to have a running partner and how excited she is to greet me each morning…not patienty waiting. She actually smiles ….and she will stalk me until we go. LOL It makes me laugh and she brightens my day. A whole lot of love in her tiny body! I was thinking the other day how weird it’s going to be in England walking with out her. I feel almost like I am betraying her by walking 86 miles without her. If there wasn’t a tons of rules and regulations ect. I think Iw oudl take her with me. But it’s not possible.

Hopefully my family will step up to the plate and take her out while I am gone. 🙂

I hope you all have wonderful day! Take your pups out for a walk…..they will appreciate the time and love!





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