Kaffe Diamonds

Vittoria made this beauty. I see all of these fabrics and my heart goes pitter-patter. YUMMY!


I am having a difficult time with pics lately because it is so gloomy outside..lighting isn’t the best and I don’t have space to lay everything out. So I am working with what I have got. I quilted an all over design of vines, flowers & leaves. That’s what all of the fabrics on the front & back feature…and when they are so luscious sometimes you can’t see the quilting very well…and that is completely perfect….. because these quilts are always stunning! This one also happens to be HUGE!

IMG_0636 IMG_0637

Look at all of that variety….:)


Vittoria also used strips and Kaffe yardage and pieced the backing…I do this all of the time as well. This picture is just a snippet of what the back looks like:


Vittoria…It was a pleasure working with you! I love all of you Alaska Gals! You always make such nice projects! There must be tons of quilt shops up there!

Have a great holiday season!


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