Just checking in from Portland

Hey friends,

I just wanted to check in. Things are going great! I have met several people from my blog, customers and QB……it’s always such a sweet thing. Quilters are so nice.

I also found out I will have my own booth for MQX…….how amazing is that? I’m a little fish in a huge pond…..a little vulnerable. Somehow it all works out.

Travel plans have been made for my Haiti trip while I’ve been here….so doubly awesome. It’s a go.

I also bought some things yesterday……I made it through the last show with just one ruler…..but this time? Well I ran out of quilts to quilt. How is that possible? I didn’t pack enough. So I asked the gal I’m quilting samples for to bring me some more……and I went to Fabric Depot last night and bought some really cute fabric to make another cheater….er I mean “whole cloth” quilt. So I will have enough to do whilst I’m here…lol.

There is this fabulous booth…..called metropolitan quilt. Sounds like something I would like right……NO! lOVE is the right word.
I bought a kit, pattern and thinking of going back for another kit. I know crazy right? I will share their website and my loot when I get home.

I also bought some more embroidery patterns cause well now I’m addicted again since I’ve been traveling, I have been working on my embroidery.

Report from home:
Clarissa made dinner for everyone last night. She did well except the Mac and cheese was a bit dry because he didn’t use as much milk as she was supposed to…..I sure hope nobody complained…she’s 9 making dinner for 7 ….if that’s all that happened…well that’s good…..better than good.
They inform me of mail and packages……trying to keep up with all of you.
Football practice is going well, youth group was good…..the rest I will hear tomorrow night when I get to hug them all hello.

Thanks so much for keeping up! Love you all!

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