Just a Few Things…..

This week has been good. Like really good.

I have not had any life altering moments. No drama. No nothing. In my book that is REALLY good.

I have no weight on my shoulders. Nothing to process or work out. REALLY good.

I could get crazy about the house…and how unclean it is. I could look at all of the things that need to be fixed or touched up. But I am not.

I could look stress over how my checking account is dwindling pretty quickly…especially since Rob won’t be working so many hours starting next week. But I won’t. I would rather have him home.

I am also praying-praying-praying that Venus ( my 26 inch machine) will be fixed today. I have been having a persistent issue with my machine for quite some time. I couldn’t get it resolved. Long story. The local dealer isn’t dealing anymore. The area distributor and I aren’t getting along and he isn’t returning my requests. So I had to go straight to the company. Which I would recommend all Innova owners in the Pacific Northwest should do if they have an issue. …because they really are willing to help. 🙂 So The company sent another Tech, Keith. Keith and Venus have had a few dates before and they really like each other.   I am sure Keith has figured out the issue and he is getting the part and coming back to fix her tonight. I am so excited for that! I am hoping this will finally be fixed and Venus can operate properly again. She has been limping along like a trooper….but I really need her to be at full capacity. 🙂

I am thankful ABM finally came to her rescue.

I am so thankful tonight because I am going to make potato soup for dinner. LOL I love potato soup and the weather is finally soup weather. Not that I mind so much but my family isn’t crazy about soup when it’s hot.  So now it’s not going to be complained about….and I can just enjoy my bliss~ soup.


Clarissa has a play date tonight with her new friend “K”. YAY! They tried last week but “K” got sick….so it didn’t work out. Clarissa has adjusted alot better. She is getting good grades  and feeling more confident. I am happy for that. The first couple of weeks of school were so difficult for her and now she  has a friend, has adjusted to a new school. She is also back in ballet which is good for her. It’s the only activity she feels comfortable. So I am happy to have that burden off my heart of wondering how her everyday is going & if she can handle making a decision or speaking out when she needs to. She also had to confront an adult ….and tell them “No” and she did it. I was really proud of her. I know it was difficult for her..and that adult didn’t listen to her. Which really ticked me off..and that person won’t be an issue anymore. I think you just can’t mess with my baby. 🙂

Bryce and Demi are no longer dating. So I have no idea what is going o with Homecoming at this point. Bryce is heart broken but won’t show it…he is just grumpy.

Cole is having some hormone changes and teen age angst-anger. I think he is doing ok..just highly emotional and trying to control it the best he can. But there are several boy squabbles if any of them have to be near each other for any length of time.  I am pretty sure someone is going to die at some point if I don’t check on them. I have no idea how the male population survives …especially if they have brothers? I hear this is normal…but I can’t imagine that all of this fighting is? Where is the manual for this? People did not inform me of this when I was popping these kids out.

Preston is trying to survive..he’s the youngest & smallest although a HUGE instigator and deserves to be beat about half of the time that he gets one….probably just not as bad as he gets it…but he pokes and prods them constantly. Is that a birth order thing? My youngest brother was that way too. Non-stop. Now he is in prison…..so I guess it never changed. We predicted that my little brother would be there. Sad.

Carl has his driving final tomorrow. He is excited to have that part finished…then he can get his license around his birthday.:)

Well I should get to work. I hope you all have a great weekend!



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