Julie’s T-shirt Quilt

Julie sent along this T-shirt quilt. I remember not to long ago quilting Julie’s first quilt. She has taken off and found a new hobby because I don’t even know how many quilts she has sent now. She is really busy making quilts for all of her loves ones and enjoying her hobby. IMG_8435

Sewing is such a great therapy for all of us …isn’t it? I know I would be crazy with out it. One of the reasons I love it so much is that at the end of our therapy session we have something to show for it. That is so special. IMG_8436

Julie made this with her special someone’s T-shirts and added the fabric….I have this pattern and I have made it before but the name of it has escaped me? IMG_8437

Anyway she also used fleece for the back to make it extra comfy. IMG_8439

I quilted swirls and outlined the logos.IMG_8438

Thanks Julie! Always a pleasure working with you!


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