Judi’s Log Cabin Sampler

Judi sent me this quilt from AK.

It is HUGE. LOL…..but I love this type of quilt..it’s sampler with LC blocks. She used border fabric for borders….it is just a STUNNING quilt.

I just wanted to go in and compliment all the hard work Judi had done…..so I added feathers and all sorts of texture in each block. She used a plain pink backing which showcases the quilting very nicely..I LOVE that!

Thanks so much JUDI!

2 thoughts on “Judi’s Log Cabin Sampler

  1. C,
    finished binding this over the past weekend with Laura and the other AK girls, plus Sandy with the wacky witches and soft color top you just finished. Had a great girls weekend quilting and laughing. I love the quilt – thanks!

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