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So I am pretty much in love with embroidery. I have always loved it’s what got me into quilting in the first place. But I had only learned 2-3 stitches when I started and for several years I only used those 3 stitches.



I am broadening my skills. I have made a few samplers Here , Here , and  Here. 

I also have a framed one that I can’t seem to find on my blog? Maybe I Didn’t share it? I have no idea.



With each new project I can see the added stitches I have learned and I can see the progress I am making. It takes a lot of time and study. More than I would have thought in all actuality. I am using these as my practice pieces. I am currently working on a Sue Spargo project called “Bird Dance” and with each little 6 inch block there are 100’s of embroidery stitches and a variety of them. It’s amazing how much time each little bird takes and I am trying to get a hang of the stitches on my little wool Confetti squares or pennies before I use them on my birds. But In all actuality there are still mistakes on my birds. They are imperfect but I am OK with that. After it’s finished I will still feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in my project.

015 016

It’s amazing how much time these little wall hangings take…but I have to admit that I just fall in love with them.

Somewhere about halfway through I started adding a bunch of little bugs in the squares and then I thought I would add in the word “Joy” …So the name “Joyful Garden” was born. Honestly, this is the best garden I have had this year. I have spiders, caterpillars, a lady bug, bee and tons of flowers. There is even a game of Tic-Tac-Toe for those restful afternoons. This was pure fun and I am starting another Penny one for my Friend Beth. She is still working at binding my quilts and she hasn’t had time for sewing….so I am going to make one for her. 🙂


I would also like to just take a note to let you all know that I find working on the pennies is much easier…..the squares for some reason are a bit more difficult to get some stitches to move around the piece more evenly. At least, that is what I have found personally. so if you are going to start on one…start with pennies. I am going to have fun going back to another penny project. I have many more ideas to do with these wool penny & confetti pieces…..I almost love working on the practice pieces more than the planned projects just because of the freedom. For some people that may seem backwards…..but I like doing my own thing. Design as I go. Pick this color and that color without having to look at a pattern. 017



Some of the stitches Bullion, french knot, back stitch, drizzle, lazy daisy, woven spider web, seed, cross stitch, pistil, couching, fly stitch, Chain stitch and several others I can’t think of off the top of my head right now.



I also find that I like being able to see the stitches clearly if I am going to do all of that work. So I like a big chunky thread. I have been experimenting with different types, brands and weights. But I just like a big chunky thread.

021 022 023

For quilting I outlined the inside & outside of the black. The black fabric is difficult to see in the photo but it’s actually an embossed black batik.Then I quilted in some swirls and pebbles to fit into my garden theme. I chose that Kaffe fabric for my border ….it just spoke to me…it gives it that pop of color & texture that I adore.


And here’s the back:

020I just used scraps.

This quilt is 22×22. So not very big at all.

So thank you for listening to me on this little garden adventure. I am in love once again.

Many blessings





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