Joni’s Vintage Linens

Every now and again Joni sends a few of these vintage table linens and wants them made into quilts. She gives them away as gifts …so no crazy fancy quilting. ( I have quilted the ones she keeps with crazy fancy quilting. 🙂 )

I think these are really nice gifts and still pretty spendy gifts after you buy all of the linens, fabrics and quilting. I think I would like to be on her list…LOL!

I think she must be on the hunt regularly to find all of these….I always think I need to go out shopping and yard saling but I never do.

I tried to compliment each one differently. It was fun to see how they all finished up.

I love the center on this one..the quilted flower mixed with the embroidered ones.

Thanks Joni! You always have beautiful projects. I am so glad we get to work together.

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!

I am trying to get a few quilts finished for some new patterns to be released. 🙂 I also have 2 magazine quilts that need to be done soon. I have officially had 20+ designs accepted. I think at this point I can consider myself a “regular contributor” don’t ya think?



5 thoughts on “Joni’s Vintage Linens

  1. Yes I would call you a regular contributor! How awesome !
    I love this idea for vintage linens but I have to disagree that the quilting isn’t fancy. It’s fabulous! You really know how to enhance the beauty of any quilt.

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