Joni’s Sunflower Gatherings

This was a difficult quilt to send back…..WOWZA!! It’s beautiful!!


Joni is a great piecer and she does a variety of projects from wool, paper piece, modern …pretty much everything. So many of her projects are quilts I would also make….I love that because I can’t possibly make everything on my list( acceptance …I am starting to accept this..LOL) …..But I am going to make this one. As soon as I finish my 3 other wool projects I am starting this one and another Primitive Gatherings pattern.I wish I could have gotten better pictures. It’s so gray & yucky out here that I tried in 3 different locations to get decent pictures. That didn’t happen. We haven’t really seen the sun in a few weeks. These 2 outside pictures show the true colors very well. The inside pictures don’t show the true colors..but they show the thread I laid down in the quilting.


But I did get a few shots so you can see how I quilted it. I love the mix of linear designs mixed with curvy fun quilting. So i opted ( with Joni’s consent) to cross hatch the chains between the blocks…and then used pebbles and fun designs to fill in around the wool applique.. The outside edge behind the vines I quilted straight lines in pairs to create a good texture. It really offsets the inside of the vines and shows off the curve of the vines.


I wanted each block to have it’s own personality….

004 006 007012Joni has a friend that sent one..I am quilting it next week….so you will see another one soon. 🙂

009 010 011I just can’t get enough…it’s so beautiful.

013 014Thanks Joni! I am in love! I hope you love it too!




10 thoughts on “Joni’s Sunflower Gatherings

  1. Stunning only half way describes this beauty! It was really really pretty before you started, but you gave managed to elevate it beyond gorgeous! I’m working on one now for you.. I was going to ask you just to pretty up the sashings, and maybe squiggle around the appliques in each block, but now that I’m seeing this, well, how could I resist? I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love it!!!!

  2. A true MASTERPIECE!! I am at a loss to express in better words. I absolutely love it…. What work went into this, on both sides of the coin. Beautiful piecing, beautiful quilting!

  3. Thanks to Joni for getting me started on these wool appliqués. She is my inspiration to keep going and this is a masterpiece!

  4. Just when I think your work couldn’t possibly get any more lovely…and you turn this one out for all of us to droollllll!!!

    Such a beauty! Both the quilt piecing and your spot on quilting! AMAZING 🙂

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