Joni’s Grand Illusion

Joni is on the ball! She also finished her Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt, Grand Illusion with the group…( I never do) and sent it for quilting.



I am amazed at these ladies..who finish them on time….I have no attention span I think. Anyway..I quilted this with all over swirls….and it finished up beautifully…of course.


Joni doesn’t keep a stash..she just buys fabric for her projects ( she is like the unicorn of the quilting world)….so I am just amazed by this. I am not sure I will ever be that way…..I am to much of a fabric hoarder.


IMG_1187 IMG_1188

I am really loving this yellow back:

IMG_1189WOWZA! I love Yellow!

Thanks Joni! always a pleasure!


Thanks for looking everyone….have a blessed day!


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