Jingle Bell Run 2015

This is my second run….YAY!!

I decided to sign up for The Jingle Bell run in my town.

Jingle bell run 2015 (2) Jungle bell Run 2015

After my last run, my son, Carl decided he would take up running and I was excited to have someone to share that joy. He of course could out run me further & longer right out of the gate…as he should since he’s young and thin.

Those pictures are terrible…I have zero make up on and my hair is a wreck…ect. But who cares. I was running a race.

Here are our results:

Carl jingle bell run results 2015 Charisma jingle bell run resultsCarl did really well.

I was 5th from last place….I think somewhere in there.

But I was actually proud of myself because it was the best time I had done …..I use my smart phone during my runs and I had made 11:30 minute miles. give or take…I had not gotten a 12 minute mile the whole time. So I was hoping the results would be under 40 minutes which I made. It wasn’t an accurate system because they just have someone tag you when you go through the finish line…and they record the time….and it was a bit away from the 3 mile marker…I don’t really care….because I made my own personal goal.

I also need to say that I wasn’t feeling well. I really wanted to give up and walk a few times because I was struggling. But I decided I would continue jogging the whole time  ..slow & steady…slow & steady. I kept the same pace and finished not walking one time.

as my back pain has progressed ( which is why I wasn’t feeling well) I went to the walk-in clinic Monday morning and found out I have a kidney infection which is what was causing the illness & pain. So I am glad to have that diagnosed & figured out.

Rob took some pictures of us while running:

Jingle bell run Carl 2 jingle bell run 2015 charismaCarl looks like this Cool running dude….

I look like I am surviving ……:)

Down 86 pounds….still. Hoping to sign up for a race in January again….unless I am booked for surgery.

But I was happy to join my small town in the Jingle Bell run and looking forward to making this an annual event.

Happy holidays to all of you!



2 thoughts on “Jingle Bell Run 2015

  1. I’m right there with you! I’m 47 and started working out seriously over two years ago and last January I became a runner…Eeek, seems weird to admit it..Me a runner?? I was never athletic and always last to be picked for any team in school, but IM DOING IT! Keep it up

  2. You look so much younger and so happy (well, maybe not in the running shot!) and that is a LOT of weight that you have lost. Be proud, be happy – you deserve it!!

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