Jill’s Splendid Sampler

Jill was part of the online group last year who made The Splendid Sampler..so am I. I kept up each week on the first 60 some blocks..but then Christmas quilts started..LOL. So I am frozen in time currently. She finished hers..and it’s AMAZING!

You can see that she had a definite theme of fabrics…Green, blues, teals, and purple….so lovely.

It took me a few weeks to quilt. I pinned this on my small frame and just did a bit here and there. Those blocks are 6 inches..so there is custom quilting in each individual block and I just had fun looking at each one.

I hope mine is this great when it’s finished. I have a completely different color scheme.

I wanted to show you some variety of blocks.

The back:

Thanks Jill! Always lovely working with you!

I hope you all have a Wonderful Saturday!



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