Jill’s Quilts

Dragon Fly Dreams. Isn’t this beautiful? I love the Batik dragonflies. they are appliqued on to triangles and then set into a wreath type style. So beautiful. I quilted Charisma Curls. that always creates some movement. I just followed the border fabric…to accentuate the print. I quilted some smaller dragonflies in the center area that demanded a custom design. 🙂

IMG_6619 IMG_6620 IMG_6621 IMG_6622 IMG_6618

I think this second one is a scrappy one? It’s really a beautiful setting. I like planned scrappies…as well as unplanned ones. There si just something very freeing about scrappies. Less pressure. IMG_6623 IMG_6624 IMG_6625 IMG_6626 IMG_6627

I quilted leaves, swirls, flowers and Continuous curves to bring out all of the elements of the quilt. 🙂


This next one is a Christmas quilt. Christmas trees It’s a free pattern by United Notions. I am not sure if it’s still available? But it’s really Cute! I posted pictures showing…The elements in the quilt are 3-D…added Bonus! I quilted snowflakes….and in the border a taffy type design to look like organized lights. 🙂IMG_6612 IMG_6613 IMG_6614 IMG_6615 IMG_6616 IMG_6617

This last one is an appliqued Autumn quilt. I am going to take a guess and say it’s a Nancy Halvorsen Pattern..it looks like her style? So Adorable! I have lots of her books and patterns. Love this quilt Jill! I quilted several different designs to bring texture and life to all the frames.  IMG_6628 IMG_6629 IMG_6630 IMG_6631 IMG_6632 IMG_6633 IMG_6634


Thanks Jill! always a pleasure working with you!


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