Jill’s Butterfly Quilt

I am in *LOVE*IMG_9033

I am always in love with Jill’s quilts! But I have this pattern I have many collections of fabrics to choose from in order to make it….and I haven’t yet. But this inspires me to do so! I had so much fun quilting it.  This is  Tula Pink’s Butterfly quilt.  It’s in Tula’s Shop and all over the net.You can do a search for it and it will pop up. It’s a little booklet. IMG_9027 IMG_9028

She wanted it quilted much like the original. So I did my best. I am in love with it.

I wish my kids were home to hold this up to get different photos. I may still have them do that when they get home..so you may see this again. IMG_9030 IMG_9031 IMG_9032

We used two layers of batting a cotton bottom and poly down top. it just showcases the quilting so much better.

She also used a WOW back….so you can see all of the quilting. IMG_9034


Thanks Jill! Always a pleasure working with you! You did a wonderful job!



One thought on “Jill’s Butterfly Quilt

  1. BEAUTIFUL! Both the quilt and the quilting! I need to get this pattern and make one for my niece. 😉 I am currently working on Tula Pink’s Anchor quilt and love it so far.

    Have a wonderful and Blessed day

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