Jill’s Birds of Paradise

Jill and I made and exchange…she sent me an appliqued quilt top …she was selling it and I offered her a trade for LAQ services if she didn’t sell it..of course it isn’t quilt yet…but her quilt is…It’s so ADORABLE!

Brianna is actually the one who quilted it…but it is so beautiful!

She took designs from the panel blocks and enlarged them to fill in the areas in the plain colored blocks. I love the way it turned out. The designs in each border she outlined added swirls, and leaves and feathery type designs. BEAUTIFUL finish. I think I want this quilt! LOL


Jill if gifting this to her DIL…for Christmas…I think I need to be on her gift list don’t you?

THanks so much Jill!


2 thoughts on “Jill’s Birds of Paradise

  1. It is so beautiful-must admit, wasn’t really sure I like it that much-the large plain blocks I thought were a mistake, but the quilting really makes up for it! Thanks so much!! I hope she likes it-(she is really my son’s GIRLFRIEND, not wife, but who knows??) Thanks again for another masterpiece!

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