Jeri’s Modern Travel Bee

So I have a few modern travel Bees to share this week. I got to quilt a few more. Our meeting is this week. So maybe I will be able to show a few more from the meeting if more have constructed or finished them.


I am trying to decide if this is “Modern” It’s a collage of modern, asian, traditional and mixed up a little bit of everything. I love that style…..

031 032

Jeri started with a pretty big center with several embellishments and said we could embellish however we wanted, add to it whatever…..I think I was the first one to have hers…so I actually made the 3 feathers that are spread about the quilt. I really wish I could have gotten better pictures. I tried in 3 different areas to get good lighting and it’s just so gray …you can’t see much of the quilting.


035 036 037

Jeri put several of the bee quilts together so I offered to quilt hers for her…because she was in front of me…and I pressured her a few times to get something done that I wanted…LOL. So along with being pushy and demanding…I wanted to reward her. She handled it all in good fun.

028 029 030I put a bit of everything in here…continuous curves, feathers, flowers, lines, outlining, swirls, leaves, words…ect.

038 039 040 041 042 043 044

It definitely needs to hang on a wall. Lots of fun surprises every where you look.

Thanks Jeri! I hope you love your quilt!

Here’s the back:




2 thoughts on “Jeri’s Modern Travel Bee

  1. I love my quilt. I have since sewn down the lace and added some hand embroidery to some of the tags. I have also added pebbling quilting and hands to my clocks. I have also secured some of the buttons and taken some off. I love how it turned out and is now at home on my bed!:) Thank you to all the gals that worked on it and to you for your wonderful quilting!I would definitely recommend doing a Traveling Bee! I found it inspiring!

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