Jen’s Quilted Pillows

Jen sent these panels for quilting. She is going to make pillows out of them. I am not sure if the whole things is a pillow or if she is cutting them up to make smaller pillows. IMG_8206

Jen is a Christian and she usually designs her own quilts through spoonflower to inspire her loved ones with words & scriptures….but in this case she found some. They are really cute…and all of the sayings are spiritual. I always buy those types of things because they are not as readily available…so when you find something that you like you kind of have to buy it. That’s just my take on it ( except this year i can’t because I am on a fabric fast)IMG_8207

So I quilted all over Charisma Curls…if it’s going to be cut up it needed an all over…if it’s not it still pretty. 🙂 IMG_8208

Thanks Jen! Always a pleasure working with you!IMG_8209

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