Jelly Roll Bonita

Bonita also made this Jelly roll race quilt….you all have seen these before right?

Here is a tutorial: Jelly Roll Race

well Bonita asked for all over leaves or ferns…in a variegated thread. How could I not quilt ferns when that is a possiblity on batiks? I love ferns on Batiks…but this time I loaded the quilt side I could make long ferns that go up and down the whole body of the creates a nice texture..and suites the fabrics perfectly!

The pictures aren’t the best..I think the photos of teh back show teh quilting designs a bit can also see the foldl ines..I had already taken the quilt to the shop ..before taking I went and picked it I could put these on my site..hehe.

Thanks so much Bonita! I am so happy to work with you and I can’t wait to see what your next quilt will be!

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