Japanese Fan Charisma Style


Well a  few years ago ( more than if I am honest) I took a Judy Niemeyer class…I chose the easiest pattern which was Japanese Fan. I think I go through 1 fan…LOL. I just wasn’t feeling it. ( meaning the paper piecing at the time)…now I am a paper piecing champ..maybe. LOL


So I put out a call to my paper piecing friends…and asked if anyone wanted to finish my project for me in trade for quilting. Terry said she would. YAY! I am so happy she did..but it still took me year to quilt it….I don’t know why? 

What I love about this is that they are modern fabrics..not the typical batik fabrics…There are actually one of two batik fabrics…but there is Amy Butler…I think maybe a kaffe? and lots and lots of bubble gum and sherbet fabrics. There is also metallic and frosty fabric in the neutrals….sparkly…***  my usual style….189..and I love the way it came together.  Terry did a beautiful job putting it together using my unusual fabric selections..she was probably wondering what the heck I was thinking…..but I have to tell you I LOVE-LOVE This. Which is probably why it took me so long to quilt it….Even with my own quilts I kind of don’t want to “ruin” anything by quilting it wrong…I know…I know. But it’s true..I must admit. 

190 191

Here are so close up pics of the quilting. I quilted in flowers, swirls, ribbons …I just wanted to give it some movement and flair.


See all of that yummy texture in the fabrics and quilting? See that Vintage Amy fabric? I have been hoarding bits of that for years! 

193 194 195Once I actually got it on the frame and started ..it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be to quilt…So happy to have it completed.

197 Here are some more pictures of it at an angle so you can see the quilting a bit better.

198 199 200Here is the back:


Thanks Terry! This would still be a UFO if not for you!

I hope you are all getting your holiday stuff finished and wrapped up!

Many Blessings


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