January Special

Hi All,

I wanted to let you all know that I am caught up (for the most part…I will have all my jobs complete by next week…)
And it’s been quite a while since that has happened… I am happy and excited! So I thought I’d run a little special….

So here are the terms and conditions…. The rates have to be my current rates…. As of the new year… And I’m offering a 20% discount for any jobs that are booked in January….. That goes for all of the quilters except for the boys….

They already offer a very affordable service.
So in order to keep their business afloat…. And also honor a special for them… Anybody that submits all over stipple quilts for January will be entered in a drawing. If you send 15 quilts for large to medium all over stipple in January, we will enter your name 15 times….. If you send one quilt in January we will enter your name one time….. I just wanted to clarify that. So your name gets entered however many quilts you send. The winner of that drawing will receive a free all over large to medium stipple quilting job.

Back to me……you will need to contact me… So that I can book a date for you, and discuss price and design ideas.

I hope you all have a fabulous wonderful fantastic new year!

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