Jan’s Fruit & Veggie Stand

Jan and I met on QB. we both participated in a secret sister type of a deal YEARS ago. She was my secret sister and she was so inventive when she sent stuff to me. 🙂IMG_6548 IMG_6549


Anyway since then we have been working together. She and I won a ribbon at the Wenatchee quilt show a few weeks ago. YAY!IMG_6550 IMG_6551


So anyway she dropped this quilt off and the pattern is also one on the cover of a magazine. It would be a little easier to find….I bought the magazine for this quilt pattern. The quilt on the cover uses all Kaffe fabrics. Jan did use some Kaffe. But the whole feeling of the quilt is the same…it showcases all those big bold, beautiful prints. I have to say the quilt had me stumped. You have to decide on these types of quilts what you want to show…the quilting or the fabrics? I called Jan…and she and I discussed doing an all-over design because she was most likely not going to hang it up and it would be used as a regular quilt. So really all of her hard work and fabric choices should be what shines through on this quilt.IMG_6552 IMG_6553


The backing fabric is just beautiful! IMG_6554


Thanks Jan! It’s always a pleasure!

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