Jan’s Carpenter Star

Jan sent me this Carpenter Star for LAQ.

Of course.


I love this pattern I have actually quilted it several times now…several different ways. It used to intimidate me…When I was a new quilter. But I guess we have to get over that fear at some point right?


I am actually getting a quilt any day now that I am frightened of….I just pray that God will guide me. Anyway…


So after discussing desigsn with Jan ..she wanted stipple in teh backgrounds, I put in featehrs, continuous curves and then teh border fabric I wanted to follow the lines in the fabric..because itw as just to beautiful to take anything away from it..at least that is what I think. I love the back on this quilt as much as the front!

The pictures aren’t true to color…cause the lighting wasn’t great today.


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