It’s for the Owls

Faith made this cute little Owl quilt. Owl’s are all the rage right now. You can find them in cutsie kid prints, wild life prints and in the modern type prints. There are just so many ways we can all interpret everything isn’t there? I love it! It’s spices things up.IMG_5851

I thought about how to quilt this and I thought : upside down clam shells. Why because it would look like feathers….on the belly of the owl. right? I was trying to decide how to quilt this …while laying in bed at night..I swear the best ideas come to me during that time. SO I emailed Faith and asked if she liked that idea and it was a “go”IMG_5852

This is a design from my loricle boards….You can find their site in my side bar. If you are a long arm quilter they are a fabulous investment! IMG_5853


It looks fabulous! IMG_5854

Thanks Faith! Always a pleasure working with you! Blessings!


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